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8th Grade U.S. History Syllabus

Heizer Middle School



Welcome to 8th Grade US History! During the course of this class, we will explore the development of the United States from the time of the First Americans to the Reconstruction Period which followed the American Civil War. All students will be able to answer the following essential questions by the end of the course:

Why do we study history?

Is history biased?

Is history always told by the winners?

Is it true that those who do not learn from history will be doomed to repeat it?


Course Textbook: The American Republic To 1877 Glencoe: McGraw Hill

Course Objectives:
1. To test the reading and writing ability and require students to engage in critical analysis.
2. To analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, global forces on the area of study.
3. To examine social institutions and process across a range of historical periods.
4. To demonstrate an understanding of issues and events in U.S. history.
5. To demonstrate an understanding of geographic influences on historical issues and events.
Students must take notes and read all required textbook assignments. Students are tested on their ability to critically interpret and make correlations between textbook readings and lecture content. Students are tested on content covered in lecture and on content from reading assignments.

Course Requirements: To be successful in this class, students need to come to class prepared to learn. Any disruptive behavior and/or activities will not be tolerated. Students need to pay attention in class, in order to participate in classroom activities. Honesty and integrity will be vital in your success.

Writing in 8th Grade: Most writing we do in our classroom is in the form of focused free-style writing. Student writing assignments will be the base grade for determining student understanding of the learned information. 

Year at a Glance:
Course Unit or Topic Outline:

The American Republic To 1877

Glencoe: McGraw Hill

Quarter 1:

Chapter 4 The Colonies Grow

Chapter 5 Road to Independence

Chapter 6 The American Revolution

Quarter 2:

Chapter 7 A More Perfect Union

Chapter 8 A New Nation

Chapter 9 The Jefferson Era

Semester Test

Quarter 3:

Chapter 11 The Jackson Era Reconstruction

Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny

Chapter 13 North and South

Quarter 4:

Chapter 15 Road to Civil War

Chapter 16 The Civil War

Chapter 17 Reconstruction

EoC –End of Course Exam

Activities to Look Forward to:

· I Am poem (Early Slavery)

· Colony Advertisements

· Boston Massacre & other Propaganda posters
· Taxation Without Representation- DEBATE (Pre-AP)
· Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution –DEBATE (Pre-AP)

· Causes of the American Civil War- DEBATE (Pre-AP) 

· Civil War News Broadcast
· Lots of Other Fun Review Games

You are responsible for your grade in this class. You will be given assignments to complete, individually or in a team/ group. The classroom teacher will be available to help you on any assignment, but only after you have tried to answer all questions, either individually or in your group. Your work and positive attitude and behavior will determine your success in my class this year. Start on the right foot, and you will have an easier time ending the year on a positive note.

Discipline Issues

Please see Rules & Procedures form

Cell Phones: if your cell phone is taken from you by the teacher, you will lose it for a 5-day period.

For more information on cell phones, please read the Student Handbook.

Seating: I do assign seats unless there is an issue. If you know you are going to have a problem, please find a new seat and let me know, for the seating chart.

Groups: The teacher will assign groups. If you cannot function in an assigned group, let the teacher know as soon as possible.  

Required materials for my Class:

One 1-1/2” binder

Five dividers for the binder

Two pens (one black or blue) and one red

Notebook paper supply OR a 180 sheet spiral notebook (College Rule)

Two pencils

Pack of Post-it Notes


The most effective means of contacting the teacher is through email: Mr. Estala at estalaf@hobbsschools.net or Ms. Tovar at tovarj@hobbsschools.net. This can be at any time. We frequently check school email and encourage parents/students to contact the teacher me through email if they experience any difficulties or have questions. During the school day, there may be a delay in response time. Received emails will usually be answered within the same day. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about anything during the year. Heizer Middle School has an open door policy for parents. If you wish to join your child in their History class, please contact me in advance, and always check in at the office.

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