Lesson plans

Please bring a blue or black pen to class every day.
Please bring paper and a composition book to class every day.

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April 10-13
Monday, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Storyboard Chapters 1-6
Tuesday, "" Chapters 7-12
Wednesday, "" Chapters 11-20
Thursday, Reading the connection. 

February, March, first week of April

Welcome Back
January 9-13

1. Reading Notations
2. Composition Book
3. January-March Expectations
4. Spring Project- Shakespearean Terms
5. Freshman-College Years

December 5-9
Monday-Video on poverty as a science, Flowers for Algernon
Tuesday-Summarizing the non fiction idea and comparing the fictional science of the story

November 28- December 2
Monday- Harriet Tubman Slave Narratives and songs as communication

Tuesday- Understanding Narrative tones within non-fiction
Wednesday-WIR chart story
Thursday-Write Pre-AP narratives 
Friday-Correct errors and expressions

November 21 & 22 
Thankful Ideas and Writing

OUT for Thanksgiving. Have a beautiful time with your family.

November 14-18
Monday- Recap Book
Tuesday-take quiz
Wednesday- Begin media comparison and contrast paper
Thursday- More media and notes from both mediums of "The Giver."
Friday-Wrap up all sets of questions and terms for PARCC

November 7-11
Monday-Finishing "The Giver"
Tuesday- online portfolios
Wednesday- project development
Thursday- project and movie notes
Friday- knowing the comparisons in media and print with contrasting aspects of design
noted flaws in logic 

October 24-28
Monday Reading Chapters 2 and 3 of "The Giver."
Q & A
Tuesday Chapters 4 and 5
Q & A
Character Storyboard 
Giver Chapters 5-7 finished
Friday WIR five paragraphs

October 17-21
Monday Springboard exercises pages 68-73
Tuesday- Writing prompt page 73
Wednesday- WIR preview 
Thursday-Correction of terms
Friday- Comprehensive EXAM 

October 11-14

Tuesday- Recall, Review 
Wednesday WIR
Thursday- SCA testing
Friday- Make up SCA and Composition Catch-up

October 3-7
Monday- Hero's Journey 
terminology applications 1-7 Ordinary World- 8. Ordeal
Tuesday- Respond to classmates and their work on the first tasks in the Odyssey.
Wednesday-writing in the round modified.
Thursday- Second part 
Friday- Terminology 8-11

September 26-30

Monday- Composition book check and re-writing of rough drafts
Tuesday- Parent Teacher Conferences 11-6 PM No School for Students
Wednesday- Computer reflections 
Thursday- Final scenes of "The Odyssey"
Friday- Writing in the Round, Hero's Journey Pre- Assessment

September 19-23

Monday- "The Road Not Taken"- Spring Speech Assignment

Tuesday- "O Captain" and "The Road Not Taken" comparisons

Wednesday- WIR Prep with hotdog

Thursday- WIR Bring planners and composition books

Friday- Group Responses "Lost Boy"

September 12-16

Monday- "O'Captain, My Captain" Analysis of poetry with figurative language terms and higher understanding of multiple meaning words. Parallel Structure

Tuesday- It's Epic? Odyssey as a narrative in comparison to "OCMC"
"Toy Story" video on Hero's Journey

Wednesday- Right, Write, and Wright
I write, my partner has written, I like/I modify
Thursday- WIR and/or Edmodo Quiz

Friday- Who Dunnitt? What is the mystery of a pun? 

September 6-9

Tuesday- Defining abstract terms to understand "Raymond's Run"
Author Profile

Wednesday- Assign computer terms and application of use policy.
Thursday- Modified How To Writing- Bring Planners to class
Friday-WIR K-W-L

Week of August 29-September 2

Monday- review and highlight writing errors found on papers. 
Assign reading folders. 

Tuesday- PBL ideas and foldable to responsive readings.

Wednesday- School is out at 11:30 short readings. 

Thursday- Writing in the Round aka WIR
Students should have a grade recorded in their planner each Thursday we have class. 

Friday- Revision writing and assessment

Week of August 22-26

Pre-AP classes: Please return signed participation agreements. 
Monday- Students will outline composition books and participate in prior knowledge recall as an assessment. 
Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences.
Tuesday- Grade level texts will be assigned with reading guides, additional notes for understanding will be given with key terms from Friday. Imagery, Symbols, Motifs, Author's Purpose 
Wednesday- Searching the Hero's Journey, "The Odyssey." Read, reflect, respond. 
Engage and orient the reader by establishing a context and point of view and introducing a narrator and/or characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally and logically.

Thursday- Story board assessment, grades in planners. 

Friday- Imagery in "The Odyssey" Hercules analogies. 
Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

August 17- Welcome Back
August 18- Expectations
August 19- Making the Grade


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